Sunday, March 20, 2011

D.I.Y This!

Here is a tutorial on how to make this floral fabric headband!

Ingredients Needed:
Two Different Yarns I used Red and Mustard Yellow
Hook Size 6.0MM
Thread and Needle
Measuring Tape 
Pen or Pencil
Row 1: Start a Single Crochet to the length of the circumference of your head.

For Row 2: Double crochet into the first row. Once completed Row 2. Tie yarn and cut. Cut a string of yarn, into two pieces and tie it to the end of the headband so that you can tie your headband in the back once you put it on. 

With your second yarn, begin your floral rosettes. Here is a tutorial below regarding on how to create them.
The Art of Crochet-How to crochet small flower 1.

The finished flower, make 5 in total with the middle one being a bit larger.
Next with the fabric of your choice, make tiny little circles, you'll need five for all of the flowers. I used one of my small spindles of yarn to make my fabric circles.
Once completed, sew with your thread, the flower onto the main piece of the headband. Then thread the fabric circles unto the flowers. Once you've completed all of the flowers onto the headband place it on your lovely crown...
...and smile with delight because you are done!
*please let me know if you had any issues regarding following this tutorial!
Next up, for another D.I.Y. This! I took this dress and make it into a skirt with a crocheted band!

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