Monday, December 5, 2011

The Leaf Headband Tutorial.

I have been dying to make this headband for awhile now, so I have decided to experiment and I created this tutorial!

Yarn of your like ( I used gold/dark brown/burnt orange/forest green)
Crochet hook I used was J/10-6.00 MM
Yarn Needle

I made about 2 leaves for each color, in total it was 8 to cover my entire head, plus string at the end of the last leaves to tie it!

Ch 9
SC in 2nd stitch from hook
HDC in next stitch
DC in next 3 stitches
HDC next stitch
SC in next stitch
DC in last stitch
SC around the leaf to finishSlipknot to end and cut the yarn to start another leaf.
Once all the leaves you desire are finished.
Use pieces of yarn and the yarn needle to attach each leaf to one other, knot it and cut the yarn!

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