Sunday, July 8, 2012

What I Found: Grab Bag Special.

One early Saturday morning, my friend and I, Cece woke up super duper early, about 6:30 a.m. Yes on a Saturday morning, I repeat because its just a bit crazy, but we truly wanted to be first in line this time. This is our second time going to a grab bag and we were entirely prepared with rubber bands and all! Plato's Closet grab bag is basically what it details, how ever many sale items you can fit into a bag, the entire bag is ten dollars! This is my adventure into the world of serious bargain hunting!
Coffee always. <3
Cece shooting me, me shooting (down below.)
Shoe shot.
On the floor of the store attempting to keep or no keep to many of the dresses I picked up.
Crappy cell phone pic of the clothes I chose in the final bag.
Being first in line, entirely was a rush, we devised a plan and would search not only for our own items, but for each other. There's quite an adrenaline of grabbing whatever that catches your eye and knowing you can have it because the price is basically non-existent in a way. This time around we grabbed our top favorites, found a spot on the floor far from the bins full of sales and went through each and every item and rated on whether or not we should purchase them. Which is way smarter than what we did last time and we ended coming home and regretting a lot of our instinct pieces!
What I ended up purchasing:
Some of my "fancier esque" dresses.
Future diy/reconstruction dresses.
A handful of casual dresses.
One pair of shorts, skirt and a studded wide belt.

This wasn't part of the grab bag special, it wasn't on sale, but I just couldn't help myself. 18 buckaroos!!

The total amount of dresses with two plastic bags: I purchased was 26 dresses, 1 skirt, 1 pair of shorts and a studded belt!
My total was $41.13!!!! And the lowest item I purchased was 0.21 cents! Seriously!!
After all of the bargain clothes shopping we did at Plato's Closet, the following day we hit up my favorite dollar jewelry which I finally remembered the name, Glitter. Lol I have no idea how I could never remember the name of the store! Anywho, purchased a handful of items for the new addition to my overflowing closet.
With all of the purchases, I am entirely wiped out in more ways than one! Now I need to reconfigure my closet in order to fit these new dresses in there, I guess I gotta move some stuff out! Until next time, ash xx!

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