Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I Wore: Keep Growing Kid.

dress: rue 21
tights: kohls
boots: thrifted
belt: off another dress
paris necklace: gifted from charming charlies
Hello there! I've been steadily working on a project, it's another dress! It's been my thing right now, I've made a few.. though this one is quite challenging! I am working off of my own pattern, making it up as I go and I truly hope it comes out the way it is faintly pictured in my mind. Either way, trial and error, it helps my creativity by bringing something novel to light! Photos of my wip after the photos clicks!


  1. Ashlee,

    How does this happen? You know what I am talking about as far as that dress......

    1. I bet you have some version of this dress right? lol.