Monday, April 29, 2013

Handmade: The Crochet Lemonade Dress.

 Hello there! This is springy crochet dress was inspired by a tank top dress I have had in my mind for awhile. Once again, this dress was created purely by experimentation, which I am quite fond of! Heather grey for the tank toppy part and a pastel yellow for the bottom portion of the dress. I love the color combo of this dress and I was originally going to have the bottom half a tealish color, but I've been utilizing that color a tiny bit. Meaning A lot! So I favored the yellow in its behalf. Currently, I am working on another dress, (whoop big surprise) which is very much the most arduous task I have encountered as of yet. Though I believe the results will be quite satisfying! Plus, I am shooting a bit for my future vlog and hopefully can gather the time to edit it all together!
Project: The Crochet Lemonade Dress.
Pattern: Experimental
Yarn Used: Red Heart (A Heather Grey and Canary Yellow)  
Hook Used: I/9-5.50 MM  Boye Brand
Side Note: Usually when I am making an experimental item, I use Red Heart just to test out the pattern! 

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