Saturday, April 20, 2013

Handmade: The Crochet Garden Party Dress.

Hello there! This is just one of the crochet dresses I have been working on lately, finally finished and I am very much in love with it! It was just out of a whim, just had sort of an idea of how I wanted it to be and just let the rest come to me. Once again, I used the tealish yarn (again) to create this dress because I truly cannot escape my adoration for that yarn and plus I accidentally kept purchasing it whenever I would go out yarn shopping. The dress is super comfy and actually pretty breezy though I kind of wish I added pockets. Perhaps a feature dress will feature that lovely asset! Plus, I am working on a pattern for this dress, I am either going to create a Vlog for this Blog to present the tutorial (and future tutorials/features) or I will write it up for the time being. Not sure yet, either way its gonna happen. Soon!
Here's a sneak peek for my next dress!

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