Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Inspiration: Crochet & Lovely Dresses

Hello there! Oh my, has it been almost a week already! Shame shame, but all for good reason, I suppose. I've been stung by an inspiration bee that has me wanting to create dresses into crocheted dresses (lightly inspired by with my own twist of course.) Below are some of the dresses that I am truly desiring to recapture with a hook and a yarn or two, or three. You get the lovely drift. So far, I have two dresses, one not entirely complete yet, but it's on her way. Hopefully, I can capture the sun in time so that I post them all! Note: all of the dresses are from Modcloth.
From Left to Right:
1// Love love love, the top section of this dress. Cannot wait to recreate it with little crochet flowers and the color as well, is simply and truly lovely. Kind of peachy esque look I suppose. Did I mention I love this dress?
2// The delicate lace top section of this dress is really pretty and I am going to try my hand at the v-neck for this dress as well. I'm excited to take this dress on!
3// The simplicity of this dress is quite beautiful. I believe what I adore the most is the color combo which captured my sight. Might lose the straps and try something a bit different.
4// Quite the same with the other dress, definitely want to lose the straps on this one and perhaps the flower?  Nevertheless, this dress is super duper cute and the color is what truly caught my eye!

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