Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What I Wore: Looking In.

Hello there! Been working away on another dress, which is a faint sister match to the shoes I am wearing here. It's definitely another experimental dress, in which I have No idea how it's gonna turn out! So fingers super crossed. Back to the outfit here, I love the colors represented here especially the color of this dress. Man, do I love teal. I entirely feel that the notion of wearing bright-ish colors entirely ups your spirit especially if it won't stop being so rainy where you live!
dress: cotton on.
belt: forever 21
tights: target
flats: ross
rings: glitter accessories + icings + target


  1. Hi!
    My name is Kat and I just saw this blog today and I absolutely LOVE it! your sense of style is amazing and colorful and just so creative! I also love to crochet and I'm learning to sew. Do you have the pattern for those fringe stuff? I absolutely LOVE them! Keep posting and I think I might buy some of your stuff too!

    1. Hello Kat! Thank you for that I truly do appreciate it quite a bit! Yes, I agree Crocheting is the bee's knee's! And Which fringe item were you speaking of..? I could possibly share it on here! :)

    2. The fringe shawl and the dress. I adore the shawl color and the outfit you put it with! i did also set up an etsy account today so I could see your shoppe (i like spelling shop the old timey way) and by the way, Love your hair!

    3. Okay, will definitely put in my queue to do! And thank you once again! :)