Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Haul It Up! "Summer Edition."

Hello there! I haven't done one of these in awhile truly because I don't really go all out and buy clothes all at one time. It's usually here and there which basically this haul originated from! This is my somewhat start of my summer haul which will consist of dresses, dresses and more dresses! I haven't even counted my current collection of dresses, believe me it's quite a handful!
Main Photo: Bought this dress from Ross, for about $13.99, I usually pay around 10 buckaroos for my dresses, but this dress was an immediate win. Chambray top with animal print bottom, best relationship I have seen on a dress lately, I love this dress!
From Left and Right:
1// Got this beaut from Target, for about $12, I'm trying to be really strict on anymore floral dresses, but this dress had pockets and I really can't say no to a dress with pockets so there's that!
2// An amazing find! 8 bucks at Ross, super lacy at the top and mid way becomes tulle. I mean for that price I was just wishing there were different colors so that I could buy them all!
3// There was something about this Hawaiian esque vintagey looking dress with front buttons for about $11 at Ross. It was the only one of it's kind of it there and there was just something about it. Had to bring it home with me!
4// Another $8 dress, floral once again with chambray lining around the top of the dress. Super comfy, super cute summery dress.
5// Chambray sleeveless  button down top which was $5 from Rue 21. Yeahs all around!
From Left and Right:
 1// These cute arse flats are from Cotton On. Seriously 5 bucks with a silver front and in a tealish suede color! Come on!
2// You can't really see them that well here, but believe me, I'll be wearing these Jefferey Campbell cut out platform all year round. Paid a bit more for them, but I mean 30 bucks isn't bad for a over $150 pair of shoes. From Ross.
3// Platform esque converse like shoes for 3 dollars! Woot! I'm not saying anything more! Rue 21.
4// 8 bucks for this lovely pastely peach blouse dress. Perfect for a breezy afternoon, truly love the color. From Rue 21.
5// Cut out floral button down blouse for $6. I was trying to refrain from buying tops, but this top is ridicuosly cute.
6// Truth be told. There were 3 dresses same exact style, but different colors. I did my best and bought only 1. It was only 8 bucks. I'm fighting going back! Hey it's lace it's truly hard for me to let any color or style of lace go, but I'm trying to be a smart saver here! Rue 21.

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