Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What I Wore: "Currents."

Hello there! I was drawing near a crochet dress; however, I wasn't too happy with how it was coming along, so I unraveled it all and attempted a different stitch to create an effect I would be more happy with. So hopefully, it should be done in a few days! I am also, working on a project where I could possibly sell some of work in a store which would be quite wonderful! More on that soon! Nevertheless, it should be another busy week to look towards, but it's all for grand reason! 
dress: marshalls
belt: off another dress
tights: kohls
flats: forever 21
storm trooper pin: bedrock city comic book shop
bracelets/rings: misc./glitter accessories
Side note! My favoritest band, Eisley! has come out with their 4th LP, "Currents."  They truly shine on this album, it is a growing seed of artistic creativity and experimentation, I do have to state that with each album, I always exclaim, "Oh okay, now this is my favorite album!" and that is quite a lovely feeling to hold onto especially throughout all these years! Nevertheless, this year's must have album, you can buy it here! Plus, I truly can't pick a favorite song gee whiz!

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