Thursday, May 30, 2013

Inspiration: DIY Crochet Finds!

I have come across a few interesting finds that are living in the lovely realm of crochet and DIY! So I thought out to share it with those who adore DIY as much as I do! Once the busy season of my job calms down, I can head towards the goal of setting more of my DIY's and tutorials on my future Vlog and on here as well. Though for now, I'll just post up some of the charming finds I have discovered throughout my travels on the internet!
 From Left to Right: All Items found on Pinterest under "DIY & Ideas Crochet."
1// Oh my stars! The use of these stars are quite limitless, either from making a garland or a cute hair star pin, the choice is yours my friend! [diy here.]
2// These house slipper flats are quite marvelous for the spring times, their almost too cute to just wear around the house, though their entirely worth making! [diy here.]
3// Gah! I love the idea of crochet hangers and would entirely be into it myself if I didn't have so many clothes! Perhaps I'll crochet them for my dainty vintage finds! [diy here.]

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