Sunday, June 16, 2013

Inspiration: DIY Denim Vests.

Hello there! Lately I have been quite obsessed with denim vests and pairing them with a lovely dress for the summer times. For awhile now, I wanted to re-embellish my past diy with my denim vest (below) with more studs and random patches. After, a little journey to Michael's Craft store, I scored a handful of items that will guide my vest into much needed awesomeness!

 For this DIY, I simply added studs and lace for the underneath the pockets of the denim vest. I also, added a Rikku pin from the game Final Fantasy because I love collecting pins ever so much! Recently, I wanted to spruce it up because I became a bit bored with it honestly and plus it's quite fun to take an oldish piece from your closet and make it a project, creating a new feel for it! (Down below) are a few of vests that have been DIY-ed and are quite inspiring!
 From Left to Right: All Items found on Pinterest under "DIY Vests." 1// I love the spikes on the shoulder of the vest, I've been looking for these kind of spikes lately and I'm pretty sure I have to order them online!
 2// Having a similar vest back in the olden days, I am kind of going for the feel of this vest. I like the notion of piecing this vest with a feminine dress, two opposites coming together as one.
3// Quite a simple addition to a vest, much of what I did to my vest prior to now. Though I do adore the simplicity to it.
4// Really wanting to find myself a black vest and keep the scheme in black and white with the patches. I, as well, had a vest quite similar to this one, that I am pretty sure it's somewhere back home in storage and I do miss it! Truly, I love the simple studs and aligned along the vest.

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