Sunday, July 7, 2013

Behind The Scenes: Promo Video.

Hello there! Today, well Sunday, I arose from my slumber on a lovely Sunday and swiftly prepared for a quick shoot to display two of the items I plan on selling on my Etsy store. I wanted to show a few of the photos for the little promo video, while I am a busy bee editing the video clips and music all together. (hint: one of the songs from my previous post is the main inspiration!) I might capture a few more shots for the video, hopefully it'll suit what I had imagined in my head! Though it'll take me a few days before its completion, I should have it ready before the end of the week!
Planted my ivory crochet lacy bow upon one of my most adored writers, Emily Dickinson. A few little flower petals fell upon the ground where I was shooting, so I set it upon the bow!
Wanted to utilize my adoration for collecting journals, so I thought it would be a pretty neat idea to set a few of my hair bows inside it!
A colorful collection of the bows, set across such greenery, I truly cannot wait to capture more of the newer colors I have purchased for the fun bow making!
Can you guess what's in the chest? ;)

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