Saturday, July 6, 2013

What I Wore: "It's Too Bad."

Hello there! It's a bit late, but I felt like posting an outfit post from a few days ago! While I scramble my brains, attempting to create a shot list for my promo video for my shoppe once again. I have a song in mind and a theme/ feeling that I truly would love to achieve. All I need is to collect all of the ideas and capture them onto my mighty camera and presto! Nevertheless, back to the outfit post. I have to say I am quite the sucker for a collared dress. If I see one with a charming touch to it, like this chambray collar upon ivory lace, I simply cannot walk away without debating whether or not it should make a home in my closet! Obviously, it has moved in quite successfully!
dress: iris los angeles
belt: off another dress
wedges: delman shoes
heart collar chain: forever 21
hat: chinese laundry
backpack: maurizo taiuti
bracelet/rings: misc./glitter accessories

1 comment:

  1. Shoe. Heart chain collar, Nuff Said! Sweet look.