Wednesday, July 17, 2013

HandMade: The Crochet Panda Bag + What I Wore.

Hello there! So this little guy popped up in my head, alongside the pineapple bag project and I truly wanted to make it as soon as I finished my other project. Truthfully, I wanted to crochet it up because I wanted to wear it for myself! Anywho, the idea of creating a panda bag was crocheted and created freestyle, like many of my other projects. I think up an idea and I just go for it, trial and error, you learn through the process and hopefully, something interesting comes out of it! And if not, you find another route and learn from past mistakes quite similar to life eh? I must say, I am very happy with how this bag came out, lined with patterned fabric and sewed a snap button at the opening! This is definitely a fave and one of the many to come from this particular project.
Outfit bonus post too! Purchased this dress at Ross while I was attempting to find pajama pants because I have the hardest time buying sweats for some strange reason. I just so happened to wander off to the dress section, like a magnet, immediately being attracted to the polka dots set on this dress and the ridiculous price of only being 7 bucks. I said yes to the dress! Boom.
dress: sweet storm from ross
socks: jcpenny
shoes: candie's from kohls
hat: steve madden
panda bag: crocheted by me!  
cellphone nintendo gameboy case: hot topic

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