Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Inspiration: Crochet Blankets.

Hello there! I have always been quite inspired by crocheted blankets and creating many for my current place as well as my future place. From grandma squares to chevron stripes, my love for crochet blankets simply grows and grows. Plus, I'm always freezing, (even in the summer!) so starting a little collection, with no rush, of crocheted blankets is something I want to begin to create! Here, I have a few crocheted blankets featured that have caught my eye and will most definitely be in my queue to make! P.S. I found all of these blankets, under Pinterest, search crochet blankets!
 From Left To Right:
1// Absolutely adore the texture and creativity that lies in this blanket, as well as the colors that are set in it. It's entirely a creative project, I would love to explore!
2// Chevron! I love chevron stripes, they are too groovy for words and I love them more when they are beautifully crocheted into a blanket like this one. For sure, I am going to create a chevron crochet blanket!
3// Granny squares! I do not care if they are old fashioned or what have you, I find them to be quite charming and love the feel and the experimentation that one could create with the squares. 
4// Once again, this crocheted blanket, emulates the chevron stripes, though the color scheme is what truly caught my eye and I cannot help myself, but to truly want to drop the projects I'm on to make this blanket! It's a little dramatic, but hey, it was at first sight! ;)

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