Monday, July 1, 2013

Inspiration: DIY Hair Acessories.

Hello there! One of my favorite things to do, is to draw loose inspiration from, is to window shop (on the internet) at different items that I could possibly make into a diy project. Instead of paying 20 bucks and purchasing an item. I would rather attempt to figure out how the item was made and if I could recreate it at a much inexpensive price. Plus, it feels a bit more fulfilling making something on your own, either from your own mind or inspired by something you have perceived! Seeing as hopefully, I am planning to re open my etsy store, starting off with hair accessories, here are a few of inspirational hair pieces that have caught my eye! (down below) my pom pom barrette clip, that will be in my store!

 From Left to Right: 
1// I love the idea of having a bun flower holder, have had this idea in my head for awhile! I am definitely wanting to recreate this idea, but with crochet flowers instead.
 2// Flower cat ear headband! Too lovely, this is entirely a marvelous diy project for the future, the only thing is, I can't imagine ever taking this headband off!
3//  These flower esue little bow clips could entirely inspire different variations of this concept, but all result in a fun clip to throw in your hair!
4// Another bun holder, utilizing a few strips of different, but complimenting fabrics. I love the feel of this bun holder, in all its uniqueness, I can imagine myself making a handful of these lovely doo dahs!

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