Monday, July 22, 2013

The Tutorial: The Tea For Two Crochet Dress Pattern.

Hello there! Here is a tutorial/pattern on how I created this crochet dress. There are a lot of photos so I am splitting the post into two parts, the whole dress will be featured in The HandMade post right after this one! A lot of the steps I utilized were mentioned in the previous How To Guide, in order to crochet this dress! This particular dress is worked in rounds.
Some terminology:
SC=Single Crochet
DC=Double Crochet
HDC=Half Double Crochet
 The ingredients I used:
// 2 skeins of yarn, whichever color you choose. I chose lavender and white.
// Buttons (2)
// Scissors
// Thread (Fabric thread holds better)
// 2 sets of needles, crochet needle and sewing needle
// 2 Hooks  (I used H/8-5.00MM or I/9 - 5.50MM)
// (Not shown) Measuring Tape

1ST ROW: After measuring myself and figuring out my top portion, I set about crocheting a chain to start the top of the dress. 2ND ROW: For the second row, I HDC the entire row. (Shown in the photo.)
Shown above: 3RD ROW to 14th ROW: I alternated between DC and HDC. 3rd row DC and 4th row HDC and so forth. Note: Once I hit about row 10, I decreased by 4 stitches to create a waistline.
This is how the top half looked right before the decrease, I was trying to ensure that the top half became a bit snug so that it could show some form to the body. 15th Row to 16th Row: HDC until row 16th.

17th Row: For the bottom of the dress, I wanted the dress to have some volume and swing to it. DC in four stitches then 2DC into the next stitch for the increase.
18th to 22nd Row: DC for these 4 rows.
23rd Row: HDC the entire row.
You will repeat this until you hit Row 31.
 This is what the dress looks like halfway there!
For Row 31st: SC the entire ending row, tie, knot and cut off!
For the frilly detail: I chose the white yarn and I attached the yarn to the bottom of the dress. CH 4 skip a stitch and HDC into the next stitch. Repeat until the end of the row. 
For the Straps: I attached the lavender yarn to the top half of the dress, I measure the straps to wear it would align with the top portion of the dress. Trying the dress on would also help as well to see where you would want the straps . 1st Row: HDC into 5 of the stitches at the top/front of the dress. 2nd Row to Row 16: DC until the end of the strap. 18th Row: SC the row and attach the strap to the back of the dress.
Repeat for the other strap!
Once you finish the straps, go back and SC the entire top of the dress, so that it appears neat and together!
Sewing in the straps and whichever bits of leftover yarn that is hanging about on the dress.
Next for a bit of accessory: I sewed in 2 white buttons using a sewing needle and corresponding thread to offer the dress a bit of uniqueness from the other dress I have crocheted. Side Note: I did crochet a strand of one chain for tying the dress and to create a waist line, cinching the dress a bit more (It's in the back of the dress that ties.) Which a belt could also do as well.
More dress shots on the next post! Please let me know if any part is confusing or if you may need clarity!

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  1. Hi,

    Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial, i have been searching , to find a simple but beautiful dress, and this pattern looks rather easy.

    Can't wait to try my hand at my first full garment .