Sunday, July 21, 2013

How To Guide: Crochet Your Own Dress.

Hello there! Awhile ago, a lovely individual asked me on my arts/crafts tumblr if I would post a how-to on How to crochet your own dress and I have finally created such a post! This will be an inspiration, how to go about creating a crochet, purely from my perspective. After this post, I will be sharing a pattern/tutorial on how I created my most recent crochet dress, that I am currently working on! It is entirely just the creative process I go through in order to make a crochet dress!
Having a notebook or a journal that compiles your idea for the dress or any other item for that matter is truly a great idea. It is the best way to organize your thoughts and to figure out how to go about crocheting an item. Here, I usually break down the dress in separate parts. (Exp: Top section of the dress, the bodice/the lower half of the dress, the skirt section and the straps.) There are many methods to go about crocheting a dress, the particular dress I am working on, I worked in rounds, for me it is a quite simpler way to create this particular dress. Also, drawing a depiction of the dress as well, assists in the process. Now I am not the most realistic artist when it comes to draw items, but I do try!
Having a dress that you own in your closet, to draw your inspiration from helps quite a bit. Usually I take a dress that might be similar to the item that I am creating and loosely follow the structure for assistance. Finding a dress that is right and that suits you perfectly, has the best fit, the right style that will mirror the dress you are going to crochet.
Picking out yarn, finding the right hook are two major components in crocheting a dress of your own. When I am creating a dress for the first time with a new pattern, I usually go with Red Heart just to test it out. I have also tried Caron Simply Soft as well. It truly depends on how which texture suits you and the dress you are going to create. Experiment is the best way to go about discovering which brand of yarn you want to use for the dress and that goes for the crochet hook you want to use as well! Personally, I prefer either a H/8-5.00MM or I/9 - 5.50MM.
 My most favorite part, Experimentation! Just go for it, try new techniques, mess up, start over. Create something perhaps, you haven't seen yet, but have always wanted to create! That is truly what I adore about crocheting is that you can take some yarn and make whatever you desire out of it!
Here are some tips that I have learned along the way of crocheting a dress:
//When crocheting a dress, depending on what kind of yarn you use, take consideration in that it might possibly stretch or be quite stiff! Depending on which yarn I use, I wash the dress to soften the feel of it! Here is a tutorial on how to soften brands like Red Heart! Click here!

//Forming the dress to your body, doing your measurements before creating the dress is quite imperative! Just going off a dress that suits you perfectly is awesome, though keeping in mind of your exact body form to rely on will truly make the dress a one of a kind!
// Think of the environment you live in and ensure that your dress fits the climate!
// Trial and error, I have noted before, it won't always come out perfect, especially for your first time, but as long as you make it fun for yourself. The next time, you can improve! Plus, its crochet, so you can always do the dreaded unraveling of yarn!
// Know your yarn. Research, look at reviews, go out to Michael's or your favorite craft store and feel out the yarn you might possibly want to use and do a dry run with it!
//Patience is key. I know for me personally, wanting to get it done and wear it truly feels me with such a feeling that I have to tell myself to not rush through it. Mistakes are unfortunately made when rushing is involved!
I hope this little post helps anyone out there who wants to try crocheting your own dress, it is truly fun for me and I will have my tutorial/pattern for a crochet dress up quite soon! 


  1. How many hours of dedication in crocheting this little dress? Thanks. Great Job.


    1. Oh, a great handful of hours, about 10 hours or so.. broken up in between days and thank you truly, I appreciate it!