Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Bit Of Life: A Little Holiday.

Hello there! I have returned from my little vacation and I must say it went by quite fast, seems like a blur though I am glad I traveled back home to see my family. Leaving the Southwest coast for the East coast called for quite a environment change, but it was a refreshing trip. Had the opportunity to see old friends and I scrambled through some of my old things in storage and it brought such a feeling I had truly missed! Here are a few snap shots of my little vacation, I barely shot anything (only a handful of shots on film/haven't developed it as of yet) it was truly a lazy stay, just bits of relaxation and good home cooking!
//Packing! Some of the outfit choices, in order to make space in my suitcase for new items (hey tax free shopping) I packed very light for 4 days, with three choices of shoes, 5 dresses, a denim vest, two straw hats, 3 belts!
 //Only 24 hours before my flight, I decided to crochet a blanket for the flight because it's always so cold! Will be sharing my first crochet blanket entirely finished soon!
//Airplane outfit: cotton on striped dress, diy denim vest, rilakkuma bag, batgirl converses, belt off of another dress.
 //Outft #1: steve madden hat, cherokee wedge sandals, do & be dress, rue 21 & icings bracelets.
//Outfit post #2: steve madden hat, calvin klien sandal wedges, monteau dress, target bag,
//Outfit post #3: steve madden hat, calvin klien sandal wedges, belt is off another belt, betsey johnson bracelet, betseyville bag, owl necklace from charmng charlie.
//Rocking the 'verses for airport time!
//In the areoplane over the sea, flying through the sky.
//Doodles! Drawing it up on the airplane.
//Love love, my dad's massive willow tree in his backyard.
//Strolling down memory lane, found my old collection of movie tickets and a box full of books and journals.
 //Shop times! Doing some tax free shopping, bought some for me and some for my friends and fam as well! Will be sharing a haul quite soon!
Truly I enjoyed being away, taking a break from the everyday routine, haven't had a decent break in over a year, so it was quite overdue! Spending time with my family, those faces that I have not seen in years leaves such a golden feeling. Now to play catch up with my crochet and handmade goods which there are a lot of ideas that I have in mind to make and to share!