Sunday, August 11, 2013

DIY Tutorial: The Crochet Clutch Pattern.

Hello there! So I've made up a super easy tutorial for this crochet clutch. For the yarn,  I chose a neutral theme for the clutch, greys and tans for right now, in hopes to create more in different colors. This was entirely an experimental pattern, made up on the spot and I am quite elated with how it turned out and do look forward to revisiting it once more!
The Ingredients: (I used.)
3 Skeins of Yarn (Cream/Grey/Khaki)
Crochet Sewing Needle
Hook #1: H/8-5.00 MM
Hook  #2: B/1-2.25MM
Sewing Needle + Thread
(Optional: Sewing machine)
SC= Single Crochet
ST= Stitch
HDC= Half Double Crochet
SS= Slip Stitch
Chain 39 Stitches for 14 Rows with your main color. Using the H/8-5.00 MM.
Row 2-14: Alternate between a HDC and a SC throughout the Rows.
You will be making two parts/sections. One for the front and one section for the back of the clutch.
 To finish the sides, SC around the sections for a finished look.
Next, I sewed the yarn to connect both of the sections, the longer/ bottom end. Using the crochet hook and cut a piece of yarn to thread.
Time for the fabric inset! I wanted to use a fun and vibrant pattern of fabric because the clutch has such a earthy tone to it. Here is a great tutorial that will help you in the process. (Note: I hand sew by the way and wanted to put the fabric in before I finished the clutch.)
I sewed both of the sides of the clutch on to close it up. Using the crochet hook and yarn thread once again.
Next, I started to SC at the top, back of the clutch to start the flap of the bag.  Here is a way to connect colors when crocheting.
SC the Ist Row of the main color and for the,
2nd Row: SC in the first stitch, skip one ST, 2HDC in the next ST, skip one ST and 2HDC in the ST after the skipped ST. 
(Note: This technique is utilized throughout the rest of crocheting the flap of the clutch.)
3rd and 4th Row: For the 3rd Row of the flap, I used my secondary color and utilized the technique noted from the previous Row.
5th and 6th Row: Crochet with the third color along with the same technique. (SC in the first stitch, skipped one ST, 2HDC in the next ST, skip one ST and 2HDC in the ST after the skipped ST.)
7th and 8th Row: Repeat the technique with the main color.
9th Row: Secondary color with the same technique.
10th Row: Third color with the same technique.
11th Row: Secondary color with the same technique.
12th and 13th Row: Use main color with the same technique. SS and you are done.
To finish: SC around the flap of the clutch for a finished look using the main hook. SS and done.
Also, using the hook B/1-2.25MM for the remainder yarn to weave it in the stitches. (Note: you can either use the small hook or a crochet sewing needle.)

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