Friday, August 16, 2013

HandMade: The Crocheted 24 Hour Blanket.

Hello there! Here is my 24 hour crocheted blanket that I had made right before my mini vacation about a week back. I wrote briefly regarding it here! The flight and knowing how incredibly freezing (to me, I'm always cold) on airplanes, I thought why not crochet this up. Yeah, a day before the actual flight, I love a challenge. This is actually my first blanket, surprise surprise and I am pretty excited about it! The colors popped in my head and the pattern was entirely made up, I simply let idea come to me row by row. The blanket initially started out as a square and then I decided to crochet the outer sides into a circle. For the future, I would love to have a closet of sorts, full of handmade blankets nicely folded, ready to be unraveled for warmth and comfortably! Cannot wait to make more!


  1. Luv the colors and what I call 'free hookin' stitches. Sometimes it's just more fun to work without a pattern and see what happens!

    1. Thank you, I entirely agree! It is quite more interesting to make it up as you go and I love the term 'free hookin'. I definitely follow that mindset!