Tuesday, September 17, 2013

DIY: How To Make The Crochet Braided Belt.

Here is an easy tutorial on how to make a crocheted braided belt! The only prior knowledge you need, is of course, the basic crochet steps, featuring the technique of a half double crochet and braiding. You can wear the belt either long or for a snug fit, I personally, like my belts to be a bit longer so that I can create cool little loops with the extra length! It's a fun accessory to wear, with dresses, skirts and jeans, whatever you fancy!
 The Ingredients: (I used)
>>Yarn of your choice
>>H/8-5.00MM Hook
>>Yarn Needle
>>2 Metal D Rings
Now, you want to measure your waist, or take your favorite belt and chain depending on the measurements. I like my belts a bit longer, so I chained about 175.
For the second row, you want to HDC the entire row! At the end, knot and cut off.
Next, you will want to create about 3 of these chains.
Cut off a nice length of yarn to thread. You will need less than an inch or so.
Place all three of the chains to together and thread through the top of the chains. Knot the thread together and cut.
Once the 3 chains are secure, start braiding the 3 chains all the way to the end.
Once again, you will cut off a piece of yarn to thread the ending of the 3 chain braid together
Next, you will take the top of the 3 chain braid, have the 2 D rings, fold the top of the braid through the D rings and with yarn thread the top of the braid to fasten it. Secure the thread, knot and cut! Boom, you are done.
Found this little dude right next to me while I was shootingt, just straight chillin'! :p Oh and please let me know, if any of this tutorial was a bit confusing and I will do my best to walk you through it! :)


  1. I lurves it. We have to get together and do a little crochet project together. Teach me your ways! <3



    1. Oh I shall teach you and thank you ma'am! :)

  2. ah, this is so neat! i love the natural look of this belt, it's so perfect. lovely photographs as well!

    lindsey louise


    1. Oh thank you truly, I appreciate your kind words! :)