Thursday, September 26, 2013

HandMade: The Crochet Granny Cardigan.

So this is my very first time creating a crocheted granny cardigan and I am pretty psyched of how it came out! I'm all ready to make another one! This is once again from my own pattern that I constructed experimentally. I would see numerous cardigans in various stores for a little bit more than I would want to pay for, so I challenged myself to go forth to create my own and I did and yay! 

The cardigan was made to be a bit breezy because hey it's Texas, we've got awhile before the chilly wave hits us. So I wanted to make it open (using a open stitch technique) to accommodate the where I live and what I wanted to wear it with. On a side note, I went through my first bundle of yarn and realized that I needed another and to drive to 3 different stores before I found it! Super frustrating, but I bought it on a great sale, for half of the price. Gotta love Michaels Craft store seriously, thank you having coupons! 

Nevertheless, I am quite elated about the outcome of this cardigan and I am definitely looking forward to my next one!

The Yarn I used: Caron Bundle Deep Sage  
The Hook I used: J/10-6.00MM  
The Pattern I used: My Own!


  1. I am so in love with your fall collection. I need to a shop spotlight about you crochet work. Seriously, it's getting so ridiculously golden. <3


    1. *do a spotlight. Ha! I was typing too fast.

    2. Oh many thanks dear, I'd be entirely down with that! :)

  2. Those oversized buttons make my heart sing ^_^ This is so awesome! Great job! <3

    - Anna