Monday, October 28, 2013

DIY: How To Make Skeleton Hand Hair Clips.

Hello there! I thought I'd start the week with an extra DIY non-crochet like (that one will be up tomorrow!) That I have been wanting to create for a bit of time. I found these skeleton hands at Michaels' and I did have a pair of these that I purchased last year, but they broke so I wanted to make my own version. The tutorial is quite easy and I feel it is quite perfect, not solely for the upcoming spooky season, but for a quirky twist to your everyday wear!
The Ingredients I Used:
>> skull hands (michaels')
>> metal alligator clips (michaels')
>> hot glue gun
>> poster paint (bought from the dollar store)
>> paintbrushes (from the dollar store)
Items not shown that I used:
Water for the paintbrushes
Paper towel to dry off the brushes
Canvas to mix the paint
All of the hands are pretty easy to create, just paint and experiment. For the blood stained hands, I painted the hand, twice, each time letting the hand dry about 15 mins. Then I reapplied for the second coat.
I added a bit of red, mixed a little bit of black to make the red look like blood.
Next, I went around the with the actual black paint and just splattered it about, there's no point in being proper and making it perfect because it's meant to be a bit out of sorts! After, you're done painting, let it dry for about 15-20 mins.
Once your skull hand is dry, use your hot glue gun and apply glue to the head of the alligator clip attach it to the palm of the hand. Hold it tight so that it is firm and dry.

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