Thursday, October 3, 2013

HandMade: The Scalloped Crochet Skirt

Hello there! Here is my crocheted scalloped skirt from last week's, (What's on my Hook?) with an exposed zipper on the back of the dress. I've been wanting to create a scalloped something, so this skirt just kind of created itself! It took a few tries to figure it out, but once I figured out the way I wanted to go with the project, it was a breeze. It's an experimental project, entirely made up of my own pattern. This skirt was going to be made in a canary shade, but I opted for black because I felt it might be a bit more versatile for my wardrobe. 

The crochet technique I used, was a combination of single crochet and half double crochet, with a scalloped technique at the bottom of the skirt. The detailing on the back of the skirt, I sewed an exposed zipper for a snug fit and so that I can wear it a bit high on the waist.

The Yarn I used:  I love this yarn! In black  
The Hook I used: J/10-6.00MM    
The Pattern I used: Experimental: My Own!


  1. The texture of the skirt is beautiful and the scalloped hem is so sweet. ^_^ Great job! Love the pumpkin colored tights, also. Beautiful Fall look! <3

    - Anna

    1. Oh thank you, I truly appreciate it! :) Yes, colored tights are simply the best!