Saturday, October 5, 2013

What I Wore: It's A Wild Ride.

Ya gotta love a vintage dress featuring various vegetables and other interesting patterns! I feel like I am channeling Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School bus and I love it! I purchased this dress, last year, whilst thrifting at Goodwill and thankfully, I can wander into the little girls' section and fit the dresses. Probably due to the fact I'm only 5"0 foot tall! Huh ironic, I should have probably ate my veggies after all.. :p 
This dress was hanging there and I immediately picked it up, tried it on and it fit perfectly! Though originally, it did have long sleeves which I cut off as well as an attached fabric belt which I also cut off. Nevertheless, this dress is a dreamboat and it's defintely one of my favorite and super fun to wear vintage dresses that I own!
What I Wore:
dress>> vintage/ thrifted at Goodwill (for only $7 bucks!)
hat>> handmade by me// Dream In Vintage Shoppe// (I will be selling these hats soon!!)
bag>> target
tights>> kohls
socks>> cvs pharmacy
boots>> ross
rings>> glitter accessories
yellow band>> mosquito band, that helped not even a little bit, I got bit up like crazy :(


  1. Omfg that bag! It's gorgeous! Target, huh? Better check that out. Hehe. :D Fantastic dress, also! Love the two tiered, clashing design. So unique!

    - Anna

    1. Oh thank You and yes, the bag is from Target, think I bought it on sale for a great deal!