Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What's On My Hook?

What's been on my hook lately, has been a shocking pink number, that I could only find under the Red Heart line. I have only just begun the experimental project and I am have quite a ways to go before it is near completion. Actually, I was almost close to finishing the project, until it ran a little bit bigger than I had wanted. So I decided to start it all over again! Hey it happens, so you fall to get right back up! Lesson learned. :)
This project was inspired by a dress I have and will be paired with it, once it is done. The pattern I am using, is quite like the others, experimental and completely made up as I go which is my preferred method because it makes it a bit more interesting! I hope your projects are coming along swimmingly! My What's on my Hook? project from last week will be up tomorrow, can't wait to share! :) Oh and my cat skirt is from when I made my own skirt>> found here!

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