Monday, November 18, 2013

Crochet + Life: A HandMade Holiday.

Oh Happy Monday to you! I have been wanting to  start a post regarding the crochet/handmade lifestyle, so to speak. Having various posts concerning the world and crafting and how it applies not solely to my life, but to others who share this amazing passion. To start of this new section, the first place to tackle is having a handmade holiday!

It's about that time, the holidays are right around corner and my hands are quite busy.  My absolute favorite gifts to give, are the ones that I can make for those are near and dear to me. Of course, I throw in a few store bought purchases, but I like to make everyone something a little special crafted from me. 

I feel the earlier you start, the better. I know for me every year I find myself in those last few days wrapping up the last end of gifts, staying up super late just to get those gifts done. So I have crafted a few handful of ideas and tips that I use to help me through the holidays.

Some tips that I use!
 1>>Write down everything! Buy a little  notebook to write down everything that you are planning to create. Include the specifications for what you are going to create, what materials you are going to need and how much time is required for each project.  Normally, I write down all of my personal projects as well as future projects, so that things are a bit more manageable and I don't become a bit flustered.

Example:  Gift for Mom>>scarf>>cream yarn>>design: over sized infinity scarf

2>>Personalizing the gift. With creating a list of the gifts that you want to create, I attempt to make items that pertain to that specific individual. Like my older brother absolutely loves Batman, so last year I created a Batman scarf for him. When you personalize a gift, it makes the gift have such a heavy and heartwarming feeling and I truly love the idea of having a theme with each individual gift. 

 Second Example: Say for instance you already purchased a golden bracelet as part of the gift, I would apply the type of bracelet, style and color to whatever handmade gift I was going to create for that person. So that it holds a little theme, with that detail it gives the gift a bit more weight.

3>>Organize your time. Usually when I am creating gifts, I start with the bigger projects and leave the smaller projects for last. Getting over the mountain first, makes all the other trails a bit more easier to accomplish, so to speak.. 

Also, paying attention to how much time you are going to give each project. At times, I know I've come across issues concerning maybe one or two gifts, where the time estimated went a bit over. Which left me staying up those late nights in order to get them entirely finished. Not a great idea because the quality as well as precision could diminish  due to timing. So managing your time is a major component in ensuring a quality handmade gift!

4>>Knowing your project. Being realistic with the specific projects in sight. Before I know all of the projects I want to create, I gather the knowledge, educate myself for the projects to ensure that I am not creating something I have never at least attempted!

Example: If I never tried the Tunisian crochet technique for a specific project, I am entirely going to wait it out before I apply it to the gift. Personally, I like to stick to my basics, what I feel comfortable using so that I do not become overwhelmed with a project that I might not be too familiar with.
The most imperative part of it all is enjoying what you're making, setting as much care and adoration for the projects that you are making for your loved ones. Which is extremely easy and pretty obvious ha! Though I just love the idea of creating your own gits, I find it so meaningful and I love the smile on my loved ones face when they receive their gifts, it's the best gift I can ever receive, truth.

All in all, if you hold any  personal steps in your handmade methods that keep you quite sane during the holiday times. I would love to hear them, there are most likely tons of them out there that I or others can apply to their gift making adventures!
Please share your personal tips for having a handmade holiday & good luck to you!

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