Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DIY: Crochet Fringe Cellphone Holder.

Here is a free pattern on how I created this crochet fringe cell phone holder/purse. This idea popped in my head after looking at regular cell phone cozies and I wanted to spruce the concept up a bit. I fought between applying a bow or going for the boho vibe and since I am such a huge fan of fringe, I immediately wanted to go with that theme! 

This project would be great to use especially for events, like music festivals SXSW and Austin City Limits. I entirely want to make more in different colors and mess around with the fringe  though its' pretty exciting to think of new ideas from such a little seed! Please enjoy! 
 The Ingredients I Used:
>> 1 yarn selection of your choice (I used Red Heart Soft Yarn in )
>> G/6-4.25 MM and H/8-5.00MM
>> yarn sewing needle
>> scissors
>>cell phone

Crochet technique with abbreviations:

>>Single Crochet [SC]
>>Slip Stitch= [SS]

>>Stitches and Stitch= [STS] & [ST]
First, you will CH 10 with the H/8 Hook
Row 1: SC the entire Row, Turn
SC to Row 13
So there will be 14 Rows of SC  
 It will look like this.
 Next, you will use the G/6 Hook and SC around the finished piece.
It will look like this.
Now, you will start over so you have two pieces. 
The front and back of the cozy.
After completing both pieces.
You will lay each piece flat and sew them together.
You will sew all the sides except you will leave an opening to insert the cell phone. 
Now for the fun fringe part, cut about an inch of the yarn. You will need about 10 strands of yarn. Insert the hook through the end of the cozy, through the ST. Grab the strand of yarn and pull through, halfway in order to tie a knot two times onto the bottom of the cozy. Also, I cut the fringe, made them a bit uneven!
For the strap, you will CH 182 turn.
For the 2nd Row, you will SC the entire 182 STS.
Cut and sewn in the edges.
You will sew the straps to the inside of the cozy. Make sure you sew the strap in tightly and sturdy. Cut and sewn in the edges.
Try it out!