Tuesday, November 5, 2013

DIY: How To Crochet A Color Blocked Turban.

Here is a free pattern I made, to create a color blocked crochet turban. I actually found this yarn in the dollar store, it's from Lion Brand and I thought my eyes were truly deceiving me! Such luck right? So with the great deal on yarn I purchased, I thought I'd come up with a crochet DIY to share. I've been in such a color block mood lately and I wanted to create something with it, that would work with my wardrobe as well. So here it is! Please let me know if you have any questions and/or if you make it, please share! :)
 The Ingredients I Used:
>> 2 yarn selections of your choice (I chose cream and brown)
>> H/8 5.00MM hook
>> yarn sewing needle
>> scissors

>>Crochet technique with abbreviations:
>>Half Double Crochet= [HDC]
>> Double Crochet= [DC]
>>Single Crochet= [SC
>>Slip Stitch= [SS]
>>Stitches and Stitch= [STS] & [ST]
You will want to chain 12.
Row 1: HDC the entire row, then turn
Row 2: DC the entire row, then turn
You will continue this method until you reach Row 7.
Then you will cut and continue on to the next one!
Note: You will create 6 sets of these squares. 3 in one color, 3 in another color!
Once finished, it will look like this!
To add a border, onto the squares you will use the same color as the square and SC around the square. Do this for all six squares.
To connect, you can use whichever yarn you want to sew, connecting the squares together, side by side. By sewing the stitches together (like the photo above.) After completing sewing all of the squares together, you will add a border, (I chose the brown yarn.)
To create the ruching, use the yarn sewing needle and right down the middle, scrunch the band together (like the photo above) and sew in and through the links, pull to tighten the yarn to tie it!

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