Tuesday, November 12, 2013

DIY: Crochet Mittens.

Here is a free pattern, I have created to make these handmade crochet mittens which are also available for purchase for those who are interested! I have been making mittens like crazy (for my shoppe and all) and I wanted to share just how I made them. With the chilly season of Winter approaching, (Winter is Coming! :p) it's such a cute way to keep your hands warm.
There are more designs that I have centered around mittens, but here is one of my favorite designs I have come up with that I thought I would share.
Note: You might want to adjust the measurements depending on your hand size!
The Ingredients I Used:
>> 3 yarn selections of your choice (I chose cream/mustard yellow/grey)
>> H/8 5.00MM hook/J/10-6.00 MM hook
>> yarn sewing needle
>> scissors

Crochet technique with abbreviations:

>>Half Double Crochet= [HDC]
>>Slip Stitch= [SS]

>>Stitches and Stitch= [STS] & [ST]
Connecting Yarn tutorials:
(Using the /J/10-6.00 MM hook)
You will Chain 20.
Connect the last ST to the very first ST. To create a circle.
HDC the entire Row around the circle (Like the photo above.)
For the 1st and 2nd Row, HDC both of those Rows and connect.
The cream yarn will be connected after the 2nd Row of the grey yarn.

The technique: You will Yarn over, place hook through the stitch to grab the yarn (which will put 3 strands on the hook) Yarn over again and place the hook through the stitch to to grab the yarn (which will put 5 strands on the hook) wrap the yarn over and pull through to complete the technique. (If this is confusing, I can put up a short clip of how I did it!)
Complete the whole 3rd Row of this technique.
After the 3rd Row.
Start the 4th Row with reconnecting the grey yarn.
HDC the entire 4th Row.  (Like the photo above.)
Next, the 5th Row. 
Start by connecting the mustard yellow yarn.
You will use the same technique as the cream yarn, mentioned earlier for the 5th Row.
(Note: It will look like the above photo when complete.)

You will continue this method (Grey>>Cream>>Grey>>Mustard Yellow>>Grey) for 4 more Rows. Until you reach Row 9.
For the 9th Row
For which ever hand you are creating first.
With the grey yarn, you will HDC to the placement of where your thumb will be (mine was 6 STS) and then you CH 3
Skip 3 STS
HDC into the 4th ST and HDC the rest of the Row.

For the rest of the mitten.
You will continue the pattern until the top of the mitten. (Cream>>Grey>>Mustard Yellow>>Grey)
You will end up with the grey yarn Row.
To close the top of the mitten.
With the grey yarn,
You will SS, skip one ST around until the top of the mitten is closed. 
Once closed, tie, knot and sew in the thread.
Creating the thumb:
(Use the  H/8 5.00MM hook)
For the thumb, you will use the grey yarn.
Connect the grey yarn into the thumb hole by SS.
You will SC around the hole and connect.
CH 2 and DC around the hole for 2 Rows.
Next, SS and skip one ST around the thumb hole until it closes. Tie and cut, sew in edges.
If you would like to purchase a pair of the mittens, I am selling them in my Dream In Vintage Shoppe here! If you would like them in various colors, please message me!


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