Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What's On My Hook?

What's on my hook?  
Currently, I have this teal yarn on my hook, which I have been fighting back and forth when I want to use it. Thinking it might be too springy for the fall and winter season, I was entirely convinced after browsing a few stores and seeing a handful of sweaters in this exact color. I suppose it gave me that little push I needed to go forth and create the sweater I have designed in my mind for this specific yarn.

I believe this project will be more so on the cutesy side of town, definitely want to add a bit of a girly feel to it. It's a bit fun creating a theme for each project, gives  it a bit of life I feel. I'm actually moving quite along with the project which only means in my head that this idea has been resting too long there. Oh it'll be an interesting road of creating!

Where is the yarn from?
 (It's Teal from Caron One Pound) also, I might be using one more other color, haven't decided yet!  I'm quite in love with this color I must admit and I am quite intrigued with the idea of mixing the final project into my wardrobe.
What project(s) are you working on?


  1. THAT SHIRT YOU ARE WEARING IS FANTASTIC! Sorry about the caps. I don;t feel like retyping it. ;)

    1. Lol thanks dude, I believe it's from Ross!