Thursday, November 28, 2013

HandMade: The Atlantic Crochet Bag.

Hello there & Happy Turkey Day! Here is my complete project, from last week's, What's on my hook?  I am quite elated on how the bag came out! Being inspired by this bag here, found at Modcloth and no longer available. I wanted to use that inspiration and create a bag with more of my design/take on it. The design was set in my mind and I knew there had to be fringe, pom poms and braided crochet somewhere. It's just super great that it all suited each other in a way that complimented the bag and I feel, didn't over do it! The bag is lined with a simple black fabric that I sewed into the interior of the bag.

I must say that, all though there was a brief pause in the creation of this bag, after leaving it to work on other items. I let the idea sit in my head before I entirely completed it and I am glad I did that without rushing the process.

The crochet technique I used, was the  half double crochet, single crochet, braiding the chains and utilized an open stitch technique. 

The Yarn I used: 
Country Rose// Caron One Pound
The Hook I used: H/8-5.00 MM   
The Pattern I used: Experimental: My Own! 
Note: I will be sharing patterns for these items in the near future ;)

You can find my Lion's Mane Fringe Scarf soon at my shoppe: Dream In Vintage Shoppe
Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving Day, now I'm off for coffee and apple pie! Super yum!


  1. I love, love this bag! I'm absolutely dying for the pattern!

    1. Thank you! The pattern will be available in the future!

  2. Great bag. I would love to do this bag.