Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What's On My Hook?

What's on my hook?   Currently, I have this black yarn on my crochet hook. (Also, white yarn will be implemented as well!) I am planning on creating a crochet skirt. Wanting to make either a skirt or crochet shorts, I opted for this particular skirt because the design is stuck in my head and I want to wear it already! Here I am shown, creating the crochet band in which I will sew an elastic band around it. I'm not exactly sure of the length of the skirt as of yet, I'm just going to go by my eye and see how it all turns out!

Though I am working on this skirt, I have a handful of Christmas gifts and local items that I am making for clients! So far, I haven't lost my mind, but then again it's still a tiny bit early! :P

Where is the yarn from? Both of the yarn bundles are from Red Heart Super Saver. I am utilizing a striped technique with a pleated twirly feel to it!
What is currently on your hook/needles?


  1. I still haven`t learned to crochet, but it`s on my TO DO list. As well as sewing :) I totaly see crocheting in your style, it suit you well. And that leopard hat is amazing!

    1. Oh thank you! You'll love crocheting, it's quite addicting in the best way possible!