Monday, December 30, 2013

Crochet + Life: New Year Goals.

Hello there! New Years will soon be here and I thought I would create a very small list of light goals that I would like to strive for within this New Year. Honestly, I am not a huge fan of creating resolutions, for fear of never accomplishing them or even getting around to them. However, this time around there are a few finishing lines, I want to run towards, so to speak.. I want this list to be a bit more open, freeing and I want to create a list of change in a positive manner this time around. From the work I would like to see happen within my crocheting as well as from my personal intentions throughout the year.
1// Create a crochet book full of the patterns
I would love to create a book of patterns, of the items I have crocheted. I love books and I love to crochet, so sharing some of the projects I love to those who would like to try them out is a combination I'm all for. I will compose everything myself, which will be a lot of work, but it's more than worth it!

2//  Start writing/reading more poetry/novels
My first love is poetry. The thought of my first love slipping through my hands is something I do not want to see happen at all! Sounds a bit dramatic, but hey. It happens to a lot of people who hold such a passion for something and it dissipates because life just happens to get in the way. Since I graduated from college and made my way into the "life of an adult", working and all that jazz, the joy within reading and writing books have slowly drifted from my life and I entirely need to recapture it. This will be the year that it returns.
3// Lead a healthier lifestyle.
I'm not planning to do the whole diet thing, I just want to consume products that are truly healthy for my lifestyle as well as for my body. As I am getting older, (as we all are) I would like to see this lifestyle implemented from here on out! I find it quite essential to take care of your body, I mean, it's yours, who else is going to take care of it? Now on the list, first off, no more sugary goods (my weakness.)..well, I'll try limiting it just a bit, but I know it's for the best, my body will be grateful in the long run.
4// Start (seriously) saving for the future.
There are numerous things I would love to have for the future. I need to push a lot of these little things I want, to the side, to truly capture the huge things I would like to have for the future. From owning a quaint and lovely cottage (with an awesome craft room of course!) to a trip to Paris, France, which are both dreams that within my lifetime, needs to become reality. Seeing as time is just flying by so swiftly nowadays, I need to definitely and seriously get it together, for my dream's sake!
All in all, goals help keep us all aligned with our personal dreams and I am ready to commit to them this year! What are your goals for the New Years?

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