Tuesday, December 31, 2013

DIY: Crochet Star Headband & Crochet Pom Pom Headband.

Happy New Years Eve to ya! Here are two free tutorials/patterns on how to create these super fun and super easy headbands for New Years!

The Ingredients for the Crochet Star Headband
>> Yarn Sewing Needle

>> Crochet Hook (H/8-5.00MM)
>> White Yarn with Silver Speckles from I Love This Yarn!
>> Scissors

 Video Links for creating the Stars
>> Link #1
For the headband, I simply CH the circumference of my head comfortably. You will want to CH the correct amount and connect the last CH to the first CH. Knot and cut.
The main headband, simple as pie!
To connect the stars to the headband, use the sewing needle with a bit of yarn and sew each individual star around the "front" of the headband. Tying and knotting each one.
The Ingredients for the Crochet Pom Pom  Headband
Cream Yarn with Gold Speckles from I Love This Yarn!
>> Hot Glue Gun
>> Scissors/ Crochet Hook (H/8-5.00MM)
>> Headband 

Video Link to make mini pom poms
>> Link #1
To make a mini pom pom, I use the finger technique, wrapping it around ten times and tying the middle of the pom pom. I created about 7 of these pom poms.
Snipping the pom poms out!
//For the headband
Hot glue the bottom of the headband and start wrapping the yarn all around the band.
After completing the headband, hot glue each pom pom to the headband, starting at the center of the headband. Hold firmly until it dries!

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