Monday, December 2, 2013

Crochet + Life: Managing Craft Time.

Happy December! I cannot believe it's here already, but time flies. Speaking of time...(see what I did there?) ;) I have been questioned a few times, only a handful really, of how I manage my crochet projects. To be honest, I believe if you truly love something you make time for it. No matter what it is. 

Now in the past, when it comes to crocheting, there would be a point where I would just take a small break which would turn into weeks which would turn into months. Months where I wouldn't even go near a skein of yarn let alone pick up a crochet hook for a small little project. Simply from being uninspired as well as motivated. One of my resolutions for this year was to keep going. To not let it get to that point.

So I purchased a planner along with an idea book. Perceiving that I work Full Time, I make a point to finish projects and come up with new ideas to share. I stick to the main articles that I want to compose, write them up in a document beforehand and figure out how I want the photos to look. I pick one free day and attempt to accomplish all of my posts for the week, as well as edit and half write the posts too. Which can be super stressful to put all those apples in the basket at the same time, but whatever I can get finished is what I can present. The best goal I keep in mind, is to not put pressure on finishing anything before its' time, it's good to have deadlines, but it isn't so grand hurrying up something that shouldn't be rushed!

All in all, I love to share ideas and crochet projects which is primarily created this outlet! So being motivated to continue this sharing craft platform is entirely something I truly want to push forward with as long as I can!

What are your methods of managing your time for your projects?

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