Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DIY: Crochet Bow Hand Muffs

Hello there and Happy Tuesday!  Here is a free pattern I created to make these crochet hand muffs. There is something truly classic about hand muffs and I have always wanted a pair, so here is my version! The bow is entirely detachable and there is plush material that is sewn inside of the muff to keep your hands nice and warm. I added straps for style as well as it makes it a bit easier to carry around!
The Ingredients:
>>Sewing needle
>>Yarn sewing needle
>>Yarn (Deep Red/I Love This Yarn!)
>>Metal pin (optional for the bow)
>>Plush fabric at least 1 yard

Crochet Techniques with abbreviations:
>>SC= Single Crochet
>>HDC=Half Double Crochet
>>SS=Slip Stitch
>>DC=Double Crochet
Start your CH
CH 40 and connect the last ST to the very first ST 
[Like the photo above.]
To start around the circle.
HDC the entire Row 2.
[Like the photo above.]
Connect at the end of the Row 2.
Continue HDC until you hit Row 21.
SS, sewn in the edges and cut.
For the trim around the muff.
CH 4 and Skip two STS.
Perform this method around the edges of the cuff on both sides.
To add the plush fabric:
Turn the muff inside out.
You will measure around the muff.
With the fabric you will cut applying the measurements.
With the needle and thread.
You will align the fabric with the muff, sewing the edge of the fabric to muff.
[Like the photo above.]
The inside of the muff.
For the straps:
You will CH 80
HDC the next Row
SS and sew in the edges.
To sew the straps to the muff.
You will use the yarn sewing needle and a strand of yarn.
Sew the straps to both sides of the muffs.
[Like the photo above.]
[Optional: The Crochet Bow.]
CH 20
Row 1-2: HDC the entire Rows
Row 3: DC the first ST, CH 1 skip the next ST and DC into the following ST continue this method only for this Row.
Row 4-5: HDC the entire Rows
SS and sew in the edges.
You will knot the middle of the bow, wrapping the yarn around the middle.
The pin can either be glued to the back of the bow or it can be sewn into the actual muff.