Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What's On My Hook?

What's on my hook? Currently, it's a silver grey bit of yarn from Caron. I am planning on creating a shawl/wrap sweater item. I have a design in mind and I am quite anxious to create it entirely, more so to actually wear the piece. The item becomes a bit technical and I am hoping that I can figure it out quite swiftly and it won't become an arduous obstacle that will have to redo.Even so, with challenge comes a greater feeling of success, so I'm entirely ready for that emotion!

I must say, I am keeping my personal projects down to simple items for right now, seeing as I have a handful of projects to create before Christmas.

Where is the yarn from? The yarn is a heather grey/silverish shade from Caron Yarn,  I presume.

What's on your hook/needles?

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