Tuesday, January 7, 2014

DIY: Crochet Fringe Handkerchief Scarf.

I have been wanting to create this scarf for quite awhile, I also want to create a larger scale version of it as well.  Though here is a free pattern to make one for yourself! I am a lover of fringe though if you are not, you can entirely eliminate the fringe part and modify if you desire!
The Ingredients:
>> Scissors
>> H/8-5.00 MM Crochet Hook
>> The yarn I used// Caron Simply Soft Yarn (Passion) 

Crochet Techniques with abbreviations:
>>SC= Single Crochet
>>HDC=Half Double Crochet
>>SS=Slip Stitch
>>DC=Double Crochet 

Video Links for Decreasing using Single Crochet

Video Links for Solomon's Love Knot
CH 70
Turn and HCD entire ROW 1
After you hit the last ST
Turn for the Next Row (Row 2)
You will skip 2 STS
For Row 3
Start the Solomon's Love Knot technique
[start the technique (the solomon's love knot) SC skip a Stitch and use the technique into the following]
Once you hit the last 2 STS of the Row
Turn and Decrease 2 STS once again
To start the Solomon's Love Knot technique..

You will repeat this method,
By decreasing 2 STS until you reach Row 18
Until it ends in a point. Knot and cut.
Cut about an inch of yarn, four strips for each of the side rows.
There will be about 33 of the four strips.
You will wrap the yarn in the outside of the STS of the scarf like so, knotting it.

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