Thursday, January 30, 2014

HandMade: The Crochet Tunic Dress.

Here is my newest project complete from last week's, "What's on my hook?"
This project I was aiming f to create a simple crochet tunic that can be paired with leggings or jeans. Something that was super comfy and felt like an over sized sweater. Which is my absolute favorite thing to wear, especially during these on and off cold Texas days.

It was a pretty easy design that can be modified in numerous ways, but of course, I winged it the majority of the way when I made this pattern. My favorite part of the tunic has to be the neckline! I was finished the tunic until I hit the bottom of it and realized I needed something to make it not seem all the same. So I switched up the stitch a bit!

The Yarn I used:  Grey// Red Heart Yarn
The Hook I used: K/101/2-6.50MM
The Pattern I used: Experimental: My Own! 


  1. I am SO impressed that you made this! It's stunning! I've always wanted to learn how to crochet and this was a lovely dose of inspiration!

    I'm so glad I clicked through your chictopia account to your blog. It is adorable and so are you! I love your style!


    1. Oh thank you truly, I appreciate it entirely!
      Yes, I definitely recommend trying crochet out, it's such a lovely hobby!