Monday, February 3, 2014

What I Wore: Something Borrowed.

Happy Monday! I wore this outfit last week and this dress is one of my new faves. Cece and I did a little closet reconfiguring and went to Plato's Closet to get rid of some clothes we never wear. She had this dress in her bag and offered it to me and at first glance, I immediately grabbed it to throw into my bag. One of my favorite pieces that I brought home and I must say it fits perfectly! 

What I Wore:
dress>> wholesale
tights>> kohls
socks>> Jcpenny
shoes>> target
hat>> target
belt>> kids section/ross
bag>> betsey johnson
accessories>> betsey johnson (watch & heart bracelet) /glitter accessories


  1. I love when friends or family have clothes you like and are your size.

    1. It's such an awesome thing really, I love clothing swaps!

  2. Darling vintage look <3 Gorgeous accessories!

    - Anna

    1. Oh thank you, accessories entirely make the difference I feel!

  3. I love it on you! It's perfect!!! Funny how I am wearing the sweater you gave me! (The green and cream striped one) Its so cozy!