Tuesday, March 4, 2014

DIY: The Color Block Crochet Cowl.

Hello there! It's Tutorial Tuesday and seeing as the days remain a bit on the chilly side. I really wanted to make a crochet cowl utilizing the color block technique with a touch of springy colors. 
The Ingredients: Scissors Crochet Hook  J/10-6.00MM 2 Yarn of your choice
Crochet Techniques with abbreviations: 
>>HDC=Half Double Crochet

>> SC= Single Crochet

>>SS=Slip Stitch

Video Tutorial links
link # 1 
link # 2

Start a CH of 28 with your primary yarn.
(Photo from Left to Right)
Start a HDC for Row 1.
For Row 2-22 continue the HDC
(Photo from Left to Right)
With your secondary yarn, connect to the primary yarn.
Continue the technique of HDC Row 1-21

Next, for the edges, you will SC around the entire piece.
To connect, you will connect the piece to form a circle.

//ashlee elle.

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