Monday, March 3, 2014

Planning Ahead.

Here we are in March, a bit colder than usual, truly awaiting the arrival of the Spring light as well as weather. I can't help myself, but to start planning on all the things I cannot wait to create for this season. Though I am confronted with the freezing reality that even here in Texas, we are facing unfriendly weather. I'll be honest, it's in no way shape or form as bad as my hometown is feeling on the East Coast, but still. I'm ready for shorts and sandal weather. Well, I'm almost sure we all are. 

With the planning ahead, there are a handful of designs &  ideas that I can barely decide on what to start on first. I'm entirely feeling the colors of the pastel family, some baby blue and lavender.  As well as a bit of the style of bohemian. Lots of fringe follows that style of course!

It's a marvelous feeling, the notion of creation and owning the ability that you can do so everyday in anyway that you choose. Planning ahead keeps me in focus and helps me truly create the best of my ability to do so!

What are you planning to create in the upcoming season?
//ashlee elle.

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