Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DIY: How To Make A Pom Pom Headband.

Hello there, here is a tutorial I have created to make the super duper easy pom pom headband. Seeing as Spring is finally here, I wanted to embrace the feel of it with pretty pastel yarn that I found about a year ago. I believe the blend is from I Love This Yarn!
The Ingredients
>> scissors  
>> yarn of your choice  
>> pom pom maker (I found mine at Michaels, they have them at Walmart as well!) (Similar kind here)
>> fabric headband
>> hot glue gun (high temp) + glue sticks
First, set creating your pom poms!
I snip around the pom pom, to make sure it is nice and even.
With the hot glue gun and with a bit of yarn, glue the yarn to the inside of the headband. Wrap the yarn around to cover the headband.
Next, you will glue the pom to the top of the headband.
Hold the pom firmly so that it can settle and dry firmly!
I made about 7 of these little dudes!

//ashlee elle.


  1. Oh my gawd! I wish I was kawaii so I could pull this off lol You're gorgeous and your blog is boss!!


    1. Oh thank you, you are too kind! I truly do appreciate that and you should totally go for it, wear whatever you want! That's my belief! :)