Monday, March 24, 2014

Dream In Vintage Shoppe Update!

Hello there & Happy Monday! I spent the majority of last week collecting patterns, trying to write them up for the book I want to create and place some of them on my Shoppe here! This is a crochet skirt I create awhile back [right here]. I've had a few requests on wanting to utilize this pattern, so here it is..Finally! I love this skirt, it's one of my favorite items to wear out and I do plan to create more so I can wear them all throughout the year!  I do hope you enjoy it as well!

All of the designs and projects I have made on this blog, I will be creating patterns for them. I love making new items and I love sharing them with others who want to make them. I think that's pretty rad. So be on the look out for those coming soon!

 //ashlee elle.

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