Tuesday, April 22, 2014

DIY: The Crochet Yarn Shopping Bag.

Hello there & Happy Tuesday to ya! I have been wanting to make another yarn bag fit for the spring times for awhile and this is my latest creation! This bag is perfect for a trip to the yarn store (aka my second home) to carry your new goodies in, instead of utilizing a store offered bag time after time!
The Ingredients:
>> scissors
>> fabric yarn (Lion Brand's Fettuccine fabric yarn)
>> crochet hook (19.00 MM)

Crochet techniques with abbreviations
SC= single crochet
DC= double crochet
SS= slip stitch
CH= chain 

TO= turn over
First, you will CH 24. Connect the chain, CH 1 and TO.
For the 2nd Row, SC the entire Row.
The 3rd-7th Row, DC the entire Row.
For the Handle:
For the 8th Row, SC into 11 STS. 
Once you hit the 12th ST, CH 17.
Connect the ST into the other side of the bag.
Once connected, SC the (Handle) CH to the other side of the bag.
You will SC the remaining STS leftover around the bag.

For the bottom of the bag:
You will want to weave through the STS with an extra strand of yarn, either using a smaller hook, yarn sewing needle or the hook you are utilizing for the project.
Cut and weave in the ends of your bag and you are done!
Now I am off to go pick up some new yarn in my new handmade crochet bag!
ashlee elle.

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