Thursday, April 17, 2014

HandMade: The Crochet Bunny Tank Top.

Truly, I have been wanting to make this little bunny head for quite awhile and I thought, the timing is perfect for this week!  From last's week's, What's on my hook?" I actually wanted to create a dress with this graphic, though it did not pan out exactly how I wanted to, so I threw that idea for another time and kept it as is.

What I love about this top, is that it is just straight up fun. Which is why I like to experiment with different designs utilizing crochet. I love the idea of wearing whatever you love or simply find cute because it's what you like. This top is super comfortable and can be worn during the summer time and layered up for the fall and winter times!

Project Details:  
The yarn I used was Red Heart Yarn, featuring White/Teal/Black/Pink.
The hook I used was a H/8-5.00MM.
The crochet pattern is entirely experimental.
*Pattern will be available sometime this year, if interested! 
//ashlee elle.


  1. Very beautiful! I can tell that you put through so much hard work and love into this piece, and it looks good on you! ^.^ If you do share a pattern then I thank you in future advance!

    1. Thank you very much and I will update as soon as a pattern is available!