Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DIY: How To Crochet A Bunny Phone Cozy.

I've wanted to create one of these little bunny phone cozy in crochet form ever since I laid eyes on them and now seeing that Easter is just a few days away. I thought it would be a real cute idea to finally have that design become a stylish reality.  
Note: These instructions are based off of the phone I have which is an Iphone 5.
The Ingredients: Left to Right:
>>yarn of your choice (vanna's choice) for the main color, I also used Red Heart Yarn, (white) for the tail
>>needle and thread
>>crochet hooks Main hook> (H/8-5.00MM) & Secondary hook>> (F/5-3.75MM)/ yarn sewing needle
>>pom pom maker (found at Walmart and Hobby Lobby)
>>two buttons

Crochet Abbreviations:
SC= single crochet
HDC= half double crochet
SS= slip stitch   
CH= chain
ST(S)= stitches or stitch

From Left to Right:
CH 19 connect the beginning of the ST to the last ST
SC the entire Row with connecting the first ST to the last ST
You will SC until Row 24
After you complete the 24th Row.
You will turn the case inside out.
At the bottom of the case (where you started) you will sew it with the yarn sewing needle.
*The Bunny Ears.
From Left to Right:
Connect your yarn to the top of the case, where the opening is. 
CH 5.
SC the entire Row.
Turn and continue, but only SC for 4 STS.
Turn and Continue, but only SC for 3STS.
Turn and Continue, but only SC for 2STS
Turn and Continue, but only SC for 1 ST.
You will create this for both sets, the ears. 
*With the secondary hook, SC around the ears for a finished look.
For the Eyes:
You will sew both buttons onto the case.
3 Rows down, from the top is where I sewed the buttons for the eyes.
From Left to Right:
You will utilize your pom pom maker or create one from your own devices! 
From Left to Right:
With the finished pom pom, you will use the yarn sewing needle and thread the pom pom, unto the back of the phone case.
Next, (middle photo) with the white yarn again you will create a criss cross of the yarn to create the mouth of the bunny. Like the (third photo!)
 Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
//ashlee elle.

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